About brand

VONA - young and is growing popularity of Ukrainian women's clothing brand, founded in 2015, the energetic and talented Alena Drygula, who is the designer and generator ideas of VONA brand.

VONA brand has several clothing lines, of today are:
PREMIUM WEAR - intelligent clothing line created with the author's prints from the designer brand for high quality fabrics. In addition, this line of clothing is created on the patterns of attention to detail. PREMIUM - is clothing for the special women who prefer individuality and originality in the choice of dress!

DEMOCRATIC - line of casual clothes, sewing which is made only from natural fabrics and tailoring provides convenience and comfort. The models of this line of clothes designed for active young women who are always on the move. In this line you will find a model for the office and for meetings with friends, walks on weekends and parties!

Create a rhythm of fashion trends, immerse in the atmosphere of unexpected and creative solutions with VONA!