About brand


In March 2015, VONA brand first announced itself at the Mercedes-Benz Kyiv Fashion Days, where the collection F / W 15-16 was shown. Positive feedback from public and foreign buyers inspired further participation in fashion weeks, in Ukraine (Ukrainian Fashion Week) and abroad (Kazakhstan Fashion Week). Femininity is the main trend and the main component of collections of brand. For today, the VONA brand is represented not only in all major cities of Ukraine, but also in Russia and Kazakhstan.


VONA is a combination of the latest trends, the ratio of fashion and ease of style, the urge to give comfort, charm and confidence to a woman. In the aesthetics of the brand, femininity borders on romance and sensuality: dresses, light blouses, boldness and tenderness - all this is the brand philosophy.


Basic forms with well thought out cut architecture, perfect fit, texture and bright details - the main design solutions of VONA collections.


Sounds music of black and white cinema, a plot of romantic and light drama, and the main role of SHE - the passionate, sensual and gentle icon of its time - Brigitte Bardot. This is her image, dedicated the autumn-winter collection of the brand VONA.

The softness of cloth, the smooth outlines of silhouettes, the lightness of blouses and the elegance of pantsuits - all this, so conforms to the image of Brigitte Bardot, and certainly create the image of a fragile and attractive woman. To achieve the maximum effect of the femininity of the collection in the style of the French film star, not only the refined silhouettes help, but also the details: belts with faux fur details, contrasting buttons.

Style of Brigitte Bardot is associated with refinement and femininity, and femininity - with warmth. Therefore, tones in the autumn-winter collection VONA in most selected are warm. Cold paints are used in a muted tones.

A woman who chooses the style of the autumn-winter collection VONA, strive, like Bridget to perfection, but above all prefers comfort and eleganced style.